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Aquatic Dreams

eCommerce Website, 9 February 2010

Aquatic Dreams are specialists in all of your aquarium plant needs.  With more than 20 years experience in the aquarium industry, as well as a fully qualified Aquaculture Technician on staff, Aquatic Dreams offer their customers the best quality products backed up with excellent customer service.  Aquatic Dreams offers a broad range of aquatic plants, plant collections, accessories, books, water conditioners, heaters and thermometers and plant food.  Aquatic Dreams also offers free, specialist advice to customers in the form of a monthly blog that provides free information about many different topics and plant types for customers to help them manage and grow their aquariums and aquatic plants.

Aquatic Dreams coordinated with WebXpress in the re-development of their existing website.  WebXpress reviewed the website and applied it to our custom developed Content Management System (CMS) SiteXpress to both increase conversion rates and website traffic, as well as empower the Aquatic Dreams Team to manage and update the website at any time they choose quickly and easily.  WebXpress also assisted Aquatic Dreams in streamlining their shopping cart process to assist their customers with purchasing Aquatic Dreams products online.  The final result was a website empowered with the custom functionality of the WebXpress CMS and designed to impress all aquarium enthusiasts alike.