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State Library of Queensland

Web Application, 4 February 2010

WebXpress develops State Library of Qld's single sign-on solution for Library patrons


The State Library of Queensland is Australia's leading library of Queensland's documentary heritage, major reference and research collections, and an advocate of and partner with public libraries across Queensland.

Queenslanders make an estimated twelve million visits to the State Library annually either in person or via the Internet. Each year, State Library answers almost 50,000 information enquiries and lends approximately 500,000 books and information resources to the State's public libraries and other institutions.  The State Library provides access to more than 45,000 online photographic images and manuscripts and more than 5,500 online magazine and journal titles.

The State Library operates as a hub to a network of more than 330 library service points (including a growing number of Indigenous Knowledge Centres), in partnership with Local Government and Community Councils for the delivery of library services. Queenslanders make some 18 million visits to public libraries each year, with approximately 1.8 million registered as members.


The State Library of Queensland (SLQ) provides access to online resources held by database vendors such as ProQuest, Britannica Online and other online databases. The online resources range from full text articles to citations

Currently access is granted to SLQ patrons under the following licensing categories

  1. Onsite access
  2. Remote access for members of the SLQ, using the eService Card supplied by the State Library
  3. Registered public library patrons

However, while onsite access using the SLQ's network was straight forward, remote access was complicated and inefficient. Our client needed a single sign-on solution to make remote access for public patrons via a web browser a seamless process.


The State Library needed a custom-made solution, which is what WebXpress Online Solutions specialises in.

We developed a highly-secure single sign-on solution for public patrons that integrated with existing State Library technology.  This component automated the State Library's existing process for signing up members to their eServices Card and remotely accessing online library resources. We also incorporated an automated issue monitoring and self-checking component.

Using our custom software engineering services and by adhering to an open services-based architecture, our solution effectively integrated with the rest of the Library's software environment, delivering high-quality results rapidly.


WebXpress' development team delivered a customised solution that allowed the State Library and state-wide public libraries to provide easy remote access to the State Library's online resources.   By automating the remote access sign-on process, Library staff, who were previously involved in manually providing public library patron access, were able to be redeployed onto other higher-value tasks.